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The End of the Reality Hunger Interviews

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Over the last year I reviewed David ShieldsReality Hunger and interviewed the author multiple times (here).  This reviewer called it the “book book-lovers love to hate in 2010” (here). One purpose of art is to antagonize; whether in a political, cultural, or societal arena. If you think otherwise, you have a mighty docile aesthetic. To coincide with the paperback release, we interviewed again; published 3 places online, at HTML Giant, The Nervous Breakdown, & The Rumpus

FROM HTML Giant: Flaubert claimed: “The value of a work of art can be measured by the harm spoken of it.” Reality Hunger, by David Shields, was one of the most controversial and talked-about books of 2010, reviewed nearly everywhere. Shields debated with journalists, writers, and artists such as Nicholson Baker, Simon Critchley, Leonard Lopate, John Cameron Mitchell, Rick Moody, Michael Silverblatt, Zadie Smith, DJ Spooky, Judith Thurman, and Simon Winchester. This past February saw the paperback release of Reality Hunger. Recently I met with Shields to analyze the polemics and decipher the carnage…

This should be the end of Reality Hunger interviews…for now!