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Conclusive, Undeniable Proof Cops Are Bigoted

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Patrick D. I

I’ve been pulled over 7 times since I met my wife:  The first time I dropped her off at her brother’s on Christmas Eve day and headed to my parents’ house on Whidbey Island. An officer pulled me over south of Coupeville. I thought I’d get a holiday break. Nope. All business, he cited me for going 70 in a 55. Since then I have been pulled over an additional six times, but just one more ticket.

The trick: The five times w/o a ticket I had at least one of my daughters with me. Twice I had my wife and all three daughters. My experience is limited, but it’s reasonable to assume cops have a bias.

Cop Bigotry:  If you’re by yourself and male, you’re screwed. But cops give you a pass if you’re with children. That’s bigotry against single guys. But does this transcend race?

Patrick D. Hampton:  The letter above says it all. Cops screw up (and there’ve been major screw ups), and the media swoops down. Demagogues (see Al Sharpton), in the name of fighting prejudice, turn it around and help create a narrative that prejudges all cops in the name of a few. That’s wrong. You can’t fight bigotry with bigotry. But many in society heed the demagogue line.

Latausha Nedd

Example:  Ms. Latausha Nedd, cop hater, arrested for posting on YouTube threats to “kill police.” I don’t know her story, maybe she’s a victim, but I don’t buy the “rapists were abused as children so it’s not their responsibility” argument. I’m a big free speech advocate. You can mock, hate, rant to your delight. But inciting violence? Let the courts figure it out.

Ghettoside:  Jill Leovy reinforces how minorities and police need to work together in a book that, according to the NYTimes, “…serves as a crucial, 366-page reminder that ‘black lives matter,’ showing how the ‘system’s failure to catch killers effectively made black lives cheap.’… Homicide remains the No. 1 cause of death for African-­American males ages 15 to 34 — and solving these crimes should be a top priority for any police force.”

The Point?  Minorities need to work with police. This means mutual respect (ex-cop Steve Pomper has written about this). The police are there to, well, police. That’s their job. Break the law, whether you are speeding or worse, own it. The priority of police is not to “respect” people suspected of or in the process of breaking the law, police are there to stop them and to protect others. But they will respect you if you understand this. Work with them.

A few words on privilege:  Privilege is having access to something not available to everyone. Mr. Hampton’s children have a father who gets it. Ms. Nedd, if she has children, is another story. Which children have more privilege? Who’s more likely to succeed? Raise your kids right, give respect, and you’re further than most.

Patrick D. Hampton & Fam

Patrick D. Hampton & Fam



Written by Caleb Powell

February 6, 2016 at 12:25 pm

Posted in Tag You're Racist

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