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Charlie Hebdo One Year Later

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The Pen members who condemn Hebdo as racist, also condemn this man, Dominique Sopo.

Why I stand with Charlie Hebdo:  I’m still pissed. One year ago Islamist sociopaths killed cartoonists & Jews, many good people stood by their side, and other good people did not, accusing Hebdo of racism and thus blaming them. I’d like to think moral ambiguity exists in almost any existential conflict, but I think, regarding free speech and how this correlates with secular humanitarian principles, in this case only one side is right. Hebdo is not racist.

Alain Mabanckou

Dominique Sopo, président de SOS Racisme:  “Charlie Hebdo est le plus grand hebdomadaire anti-raciste, prétendre le contraire est injurieux et manipulatoire.”

Or“Charlie Hebdo is the greatest anti-racist weekly, suggesting otherwise is insulting and manipulative. ”

SOS Racisme is the leading anti-racist organization in France. They ought to know about French culture and what is and what isn’t racism. That didn’t stop 203 PEN authors (Jennifer Cody Epstein signed and then rescinded) from combining cowardice, ignorance, support of religious chauvinism, and faux liberalism, from protesting the award.

Despite the regressive thought of the PEN anti-Hebdo writers, and Glenn Greenwald, the vast majority of writers backed Hebdo, including Katha Pollitt at The Nation and Congolese Alain Mabanckou.

To all the victims, RIP.

The day I heard of Jan 7, 2015 Hebdo coincided with David Shields and my book launch at the University of Washington Book Store. After our introduction, I waved cartoons and said my peace. What I say is platitude laden and not profound, nevertheless, I’m sticking with it. Shields grimaced at my moral grandstanding, whatever. Shields took no stand, because, of course, he feels it’s too easy to just be against killing. My jeremiad begins at 3:00.


Written by Caleb Powell

January 7, 2016 at 6:36 am

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