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Capleton vs. Matisyahu

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Capleton Matisyahu

Sunsplash:  In Spain, a Music Festival demanded that a Jew speak against Israel. He didn’t. The festival took back the invitation. But they were okay that one of their artists incites GLBT hatred.

Capleton:  “Dem fire apply do di lesbian / All boogaman (gays) and sodomites fi get killed.”

Matisyahu:  “Treat people the same. Stop with the violence. Down with the hate.”

Jorge Drexler, who lives in Spain, called out festival organizers for barring Matisyahu’s performance, but featuring Capleton, known for his anti-gay views and lyrics, in the line-up.”

This Ain’t Saudi Arabia, it’s Europe, and hypocrisy can be seen in the Sunspalsh gesture, one that stands as a metaphor for bigotry and contradictions.

Taking Sides:  In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to support the Palestinians necessitates condemning the excesses of the Israeli government, Hamas, and the PA. Bellicose attitudes on both sides have contributed toward suffering. It’s reasonable to see why a Palestinian views Israel with distrust, and vice-versa. What’s not reasonable is a European music festival promoting anti-Semitism while welcoming a reggae artist whose lyrics promote killing homosexuals.

Related:  South African Protesters Threaten to Kill Jews

Update:  Spanish festival re-invites Matisyahu (That was quick!)


Written by Caleb Powell

August 19, 2015 at 5:05 am

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