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The Suffering of Ilaf Esuf: Is America Halal enough for this Berkeley journalist?

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“Now the only halal thing I can have is a fish fillet sandwich from McDonald’s, and if people are already questioning the contents of their meat, imagine what’s in the fish.”Ilaf Esuf, The Daily Californian

Berkeley Takes a Stand:  UC Berkeley, the same UC Berkeley that protested Bill Maher, and whose student newspaper censored student Shanzeh Khurram’s article on her apostasy, has finally stood up for something, by damn. More halal food! See The Daily Californian’s editorial “Thawing the Pot,” by immigrant Ilaf Esuf.

Ilaf Eluf speaks: “I will meet the United States halfway, so long as it meets my Sri Lankan side halfway.”

And: “I am not ungrateful, and I am not impatient. I am simply confused.”

Entitlement:  When I lived in the UAE there was no pork, alcohol was limited, and during Ramadan I couldn’t get a falafel at the faculty cafeteria. I survived. To expect your new home to accommodate you, when you are free to “bring your own light to the darkness,” reeks. Ms. Eluf, you need to understand supply and demand.

Editorial:  As far as the editors at The Daily Californian, I’m not really sure what they’re thinking. Let’s hope they and other universities do not send Stepford Students into the world.

Update:  U of Cal supports the right to be anti-Semitic, “UC rejects anti-Semitism legislation



Written by Caleb Powell

June 9, 2015 at 12:44 pm

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