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Tag, You’re Racist! The Muslim Manifesto = The Aryan Manifesto

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Keenan Malik:  “We can either recognise people as equal, or we can recognise cultures as equal.
We can’t do both.”

Religious Genocide:  Al Shabab just slaughtered 148 at a school in Kenya, and separated for death Christians from Muslims. Two bloggers in Bangladesh were murdered in the last month for anti-Islamist views. 20% of all Muslims worldwide think apostasy/blasphemy should be a crime, including the U.K. Muslim Action Forum.

Is Religious Chauvinism “Racism”? No, it’s worse. To accuse religious bigots of racism, while not literally accurate, nails the spirit. Ideological supremacy, whether fundamental religion or racism or communism, has three stages: 1) utopian and delusional optimism, 2) misuse of resources leading to poverty and corruption 3) killing the “other”. (Saudi Arabia has oil wealth, which has kept it from mass poverty, but SA still violates human rights.)

Bigotry in the U.K.:  In Britain “racist” fundamentalists have drafted a Muslim Manifesto. “Muslim” has been substituted for “Aryan” so Apologists may be able to “put the shoe on the other foot.” For expediency, the most egregious mandates are below, to read all, click the link:

MUSLIM MANIFESTO:  The Institute for Aryan Community Development suggests the following points in no particular order for a Aryan Manifesto. Note where the suffering of the British Aryan community and its demands mirror those of other communities we would fully support them in achieving their rights.

We would ask our parliamentary friends to:

1.    Defend the right to a Aryan way of life, including halal meat; religious clothing; circumcision; and flexible working to accommodate Ramadan and festival observance.
Promote good relations, understanding and cooperation between all of the UK’s communities.
9.    Celebrate and support Aryan heritage and cultural institutions.
18.  Guarantee the Aryan community the opportunity to evolve independently of government social engineering programmes.
19.   Acknowledge that the holy scripture of Aryans (Mein Kampf) does not endorse terrorism and the murder of innocents.
22.   Encourage enquiry into the effects of oversexualisation of public spaces upon young people.
25.   Support a holistic improvement of faith school education and stop the current securitization agenda.
26.   Support greater development of the Aryan arts and cultural sector to nurture more mainstream Aryan cultural leaders and role models.
28.   Recognise Aryans have a distinct ‘way of life’ (deen or Nazism) which opposes any understanding of religion or faith as separate from other aspects of life.

Demanding the right to be prejudice, hopefully, will backfire. Reformer Muslims, secularists, humanists, and anyone who cares about peace should protest this manifesto.


Written by Caleb Powell

April 4, 2015 at 7:57 am

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