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Stand with Charlie Hebdo

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“Love Is Stronger than Hate”

The French brought it upon themselves for victimizing and traumatizing Muslims.” – Express Tribune commenter, from “At least 12 killed in Paris massacre

How many Muslims would kill you or support killing you for blasphemy or apostasy? Whether the answer is 1%, 5%, or 20%; that still means 99%, 95%, or 80% would stand by your side. Most Muslims are peaceful. Unite. Do not be in denial or in apology.

Today, January 7, 2015, at least twelve were murdered at the office of the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo. The extreme left and right wing fascists will use this event to ramp up hatreds – hatred of the West and hatred of Muslims. What we need are extreme humanists. Here’s more:

We do not need statements about how we should not offend religion. Blaming Charlie Hebdo for this attack is like blaming women who dress provocatively for causing rape. There are offensive books, too, that glorify religious chauvinism, sexual slavery, killing homosexuals, hating nonbelievers, and stoning virgins, we censor all of them – Charlie/The Bible/The Koran/The Torah, or we censor none.

We do not need statements about moral relativism of the Anders Breivik or Inquisition type.

We do not need apologists or the mentality that cowers after the Copenhagen cartoons and Salman Rushdie.

Muslim Maajid Nawaz received death threats after re-Tweeting this picture and saying, “I am not offended.”

Do not be Germaine Greer.

Be Maajid Nawaz.

Be Irshad Manji.

We need to unite every journalist, writer, and humanist. We must stand with the right to criticize.

If you are a writer, editor, publisher, you support literature, or if you’re just plain human, speak publicly. This especially includes the vast majority of Muslims who do not want to be associated with terrorists. One way to do this is to publish on social media. If terrorists knew that the result of their actions would be a carpet bombing of images that offend them and/or protests from the Muslim world, they would think twice. And if you do find the images offensive, at least stand for free speech.

Updates:  “What the French think”


Written by Caleb Powell

January 7, 2015 at 9:31 am

Posted in Censorship, Islam

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  1. […] The day I heard of Jan 7, 2015 Hebdo coincided with David Shields and my book launch at the University of Washington Book Store. After our introduction, I waved cartoons and said my peace. What I say is not profound and platitude laden, nevertheless, I’m sticking with it. Shields grimaced at my moral grandstanding, whatever. Shields took no stand, because, of course, he feels it’s too easy to just be against killing. My jeremiad begins at 3:00. […]

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