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July Notes: Amanda Knox, Phil Jackson, Roxane Gay, Dennis Rodman, Tao Lin

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Amanda Knox received an advance of $4,000,000 for her latest book. I wonder how much of that will go to the family of Meredith Kirchner.

The Jews! Matt’s a good friend, but he buys the 9/11 and Truther narrative. Show me a 9/11 Truther who only buys one conspiracy…it can’t be done.  Over a few beers Matt condemned everyone at the table for buying into media bias, then rambled on about Kennedy, the Spanish Revolution, and how the Jews run Hollywood. Jews? Despite my loaded Christian name, my dad’s side is Sephardic Jew. And Jews in America, especially in Hollywood, compete and hate each other as much if not more so than the norm. Matt?

Phil Jackson has a new book, Eleven Rings. He won eleven NBA titles as coach of the L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls, and two as a player for the New York Knicks. So why isn’t his book called Thirteen Rings?

Janet Jackson converts to Islam, following Cat Stevens footsteps, and the Muslim world rejoices. Why? This should be a moment of self reflection, not a time to rejoice. Tell me when a Stephen Hawkings-type converts, THAT would be reason to feel a little more “religiously” secure.

The conflict of interest: Every writer who reviews a book has a conflict of interest. As a writer becomes pulled into the world of letters they become separated by zero or one point of separation from other established writers, editors, agents, and reviewers. Transparency is key, and this is why any review should have a disclosure.

Roxane, Tao, & Dennis:  Three puzzling people that I find fascinating…for misguided reasons. First, the Paula Deen scandal has given the preachy left an excuse for absolutes. Roxane “Tag you’re racist!” Gay capitalized with another screed riddled with platitudes and moral placebos at Salon. She begins:  For people of color, the question isn’t if someone will reveal their racial bias — it’s when...” (And if you’re looking for how to write about racism, check out Brittney Cooper’s “The N-Word on the Fourth of July,” also at Salon. Roxane, please take notes)

The headline says it:  Dennis Rodman deserves consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize, says Dennis Rodman | Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo! Sports

After reviewing Tao Lin’s Richard Yates, I’d have to be paid money to read anything by him ever again. That being said, here’s a Haiku imitating Tao’s lazy creativity to summarize the contents of his latest:

Haiku of Tao Lin’s Taipei


Tao Lin Tao Lin Tao    林韜林韜林

Lin Tao Lin Tao Lin Tao Lin     韜林韜林韜林韜

Tao Lin Tao Lin Tao    林韜林韜林

Update: After the Zimmerman killing (I think Zimmerman was guilty of, at minimum, manslaughter, and hope he’ll lose in civil court for “wrongful death”), Roxane Gay took out her Platitude Spraying AK-47 and concluded her essay with: “But we cannot give up hope. We cannot be silent.”

For better analysis, read Ta-Nehisi Coates at The AtlanticOn the Killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman


Written by Caleb Powell

July 3, 2013 at 7:58 am

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