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The Crow of Suspicion at The Monarch Review

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Thanks to Jake Uitti at The Monarch Review for accepting The Crow of Suspicion. The inspriation for the story came from Drauzio Varella’s Estação Carandiru, detailing the grueling conditions (click on photo below right) of a penitentiary in São Paulo.

“Jorge counted two months left to serve when he met Mariano, a new arrival to the  Casa de Detenção de Paraná, a penitentiary in southern Brazil. Mariano faced two to four years. Jorge and Mariano had grown up in neighboring favelas outside the city of Londrina. They came from equal dirt: unknown fathers who left pregnant lovers to disappear back to Londrina and their spouses; mothers that died in sadness, leaving quasi-orphans to be raised by elder cousins and aunts. For them, the inchoate sense that crime paid when nothing else did hardened into certainty with age.

Jorge taught Mariano protocol, the intricacies of securing protection and favors from powerful inmates and guards and access to contraband: marijuana, cocaine, liquor, shivs, and erotic magazines. When Jorge’s sentence finished Mariano asked if he would look after his family, a girlfriend and two children…continue


Written by Caleb Powell

January 23, 2013 at 1:55 pm

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