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Paul Ryan vs. Ted Bundy

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Facebook often can be a cultural sampling of opinions, and after the recent Todd Akin comments about abortion and “legitimate rape” and Paul Ryan’s statement on topic, tension mounted as my Facebook homeys went to town. One even called Paul Ryan the “Osama of the US” and a “12th Century zealot.”

The Osama of the US? Ryan is anti-abortion and consistent. Some people are against the death penalty in all cases. Romney has allowed abortion in cases of rape and the mother’s life, and Ryan seems willing to go along. But the Republican position is anti-abortion. I’m pro-choice, but I’m going to reason for this position by confronting the dynamics that make unwanted pregnancies, and the lose-lose situation that results. I’m not going to condemn others as morally corrupt or inferior, or call them Osama, because they consider conception the beginning of human life, just as I’d ask right-wing nut jobs not to condemn as morally corrupt those who seek to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Then Trailer Park Quarterly posted:  “If you are pro-life wouldn’t it stand to reason that you are also anti-death penalty, pro-health care, and doing your best to slow the tide of global warming? The cows also want me to throw in that being a vegetarian wouldn’t hurt.”

I responded, “If you are pro-choice then doesn’t it stand to reason that you are also comfortable and pro-choice concerning eating meat and killing convicted felons?”

Disclosure: I’m pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and an omnivore. I do not understand why, rather than articulating their position, people go out of the way to make absurd accusations about their opposition. As far as abortion, who’s pro-abortion? But what choices are we making when we decide to abort female fetuses (China and India), or have sex without considering the consequences, as opposed to legitmate accidents (the pill not working), incest, rape, and the mother’s safety? Human rights take priority. Here’s the pecking order:

1.  Humans

2.  Fetuses.

3.  Animals.

4.  Ted Bundy


Written by Caleb Powell

August 25, 2012 at 12:29 pm

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