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Jeremy Lin (林書豪) vs. Tao Lin (???)

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篮球万岁!Long Live Basketball! 林書豪万岁!

Here’s a quick comparison of two Lin Warriors, Jeremy & Tao:

Jeremy Lin– Born in America. Parents were born in Taiwan.

Tao Lin – Born in America. Parents were born in Taiwan.

Jeremy Lin – Graduated from Harvard.

Tao Lin – Graduated from NYU.

Jeremy Lin – Can play basketball well.              Tao Lin – Wears black with magenta dots and eats pomegranate.

Jeremy Lin – Never committed a crime.           Tao Lin – Shoplifted. Arrested twice. Wrote about it.

Jeremy Lin – His name in Chinese is 林書豪 (Lin Shu-hao). His surname  means “forest (林)” and his given names mean Book (書) – Grand/Heroic (豪). Jeremy is fluent and literate in Chinese.

Tao Lin – Said in an interview at Emerson College’s Rediver Journal: My whole name is “Tao Lin.” I don’t know what it means. “Tao” has many meanings but I’ve never studied it.

Jeremy Lin – As an omnivore, enjoys a well-rounded diet. Once ordered “Seven Spice Tao Lin.” 他觉得, “挺好吃!”.

Tao Lin – Said in an interview at Bookslut: Being  vegan is moral…Eating  meat is a circuitous way of punching a small child in the face repeatedly.

Jeremy Lin – Actively promotes and supports charity, such as the Jeremy Lin Foundation.

Tao Lin – Promotes himself because he just wants to save the world. Said: If Knopf  offered me $10,000,000 for my next novel I would do it. I would use that money to create giant things to promote a better world. & if i get more power and influence and money i’m going to use it for things that i think are ‘good’. (I actually agree with Tao on this, but it’s conditional, of course, on the ol’ moral compass, and Tao’s needle is sort of bouncing around.)

Jeremy Lin – Never taken drugs.

Tao Lin – From article “Tao Lin Now Selling Videos of Himself on Ecstasy” – Tao, refering to himself and Megan Boyle: We wanted to film ourselves answering questions on drugs…We did that while on MDMA then continued recording. We thought of things to do while on other drugs that seem interesting and that we feel excited to do.

我的中文不是那么厉害,所以请原谅。谢谢,柏越 (Caleb Powell)


Written by Caleb Powell

March 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm

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  1. Tough choice: an annoyingly wholesome basketball player v. an annoying but successful indie-lit figure. We live in complicated times, indeed…


    March 24, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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