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“Saving Aisha’s Spiders” at the Blue Lake Review

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The latest from The Year of Living with Aisha has just been printed at the Blue Lake Review. Thanks go to editor Mitchell Waldman for selecting the story, “Saving Aisha’s Spiders.” Other “Aisha” stories were previously published in Monkeybicycle (“Leaving Aisha“) and The Rose and Thorn Journal (“Living with Aisha“).

Saving Aisha’s Spiders:   Typical rent in Seattle required a kidney for the first and a last month’s rent and a human embryo as deposit, so when Uncle Ali offered Aisha and I a place on the cheap, we accepted. Ali was not really her uncle, rather a family friend and, unlike Aisha’s older brother and father, he had no qualms about our “ungodly” relationship…(more)


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