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Mao and Monsters at Sein und Werden

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My text art, Mao Zedong Is a Stupid Eggcame out in the Spring “Magnificent Monsters” edition of Sein und Werden. Special thanks to editor Rachel Kendall for selecting the image and figuring out how to format it for publication. The Mao complements a Che visage that made it into print last year in the Rio Grande Review. I am working on more text art, including another Mao, a Kim Jong Il, and eventually I will target media and celebrity symbols.

Attacking Mao, however, nothing extraordinary. He is a universally lauded bozo in the west, although there are writers, such as “Chef Voltaire” (see article and comments), who think we should replicate Mao. Che, on the other hand, still woos the fancy of many. Why is Che not remembered for his vile deeds? He presided over executions, killed out of hatred not love, and though he started off on the right path, he lost his humanity. Go figure. Anyway, click on Mao and Che to link to my work.


Written by Caleb Powell

April 11, 2011 at 2:15 pm

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