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Review: A Geography of Secrets at The Collagist

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My review of Frederick Reuss’s A Geography of Secrets (Unbridled Books, September 2010) is at The Collagist. Special thanks to Gabriel Blackwell, the reviews editor, for helping make the draft stronger.

“When Frank Snepp’s memoir, Decent Interval, targeted the CIA for bungling the pullout of the US in Vietnam, the Pentagon took Snepp to court. At issue was whether or not Snepp breached CIA protocol, yet the trial also raised the question of whether public interest should trump state paranoia. In February of 1980 the US Supreme Court ruled against Snepp, the government confiscated all remaining copies of Decent Interval and forced Snepp to return his advance and royalties. Evidently, errors and incompetence must be hidden for the benefit of the people. Frederick Reuss’s latest novel…” (Read entire review here)

Also of interest, this article by Frederick Reuss at The Huffington Post.

DISCLOSER: Caleb Powell has no relationship with the author or Unbridled Books.


Written by Caleb Powell

November 23, 2010 at 1:29 pm

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