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Chinoku, Teach in Thailand, Cruciferous & The Golden Rule

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Chinoku: The Original Chinese Sudoku Game (Volume 1)August publications: Chinoku, my puzzle book using Chinese characters instead of numbers, based on the idea of Sudoku.

I get a little corny with Cruciferous, in the summer Umbrella/Bumbershoot. It’s a screed against broccoli and its cruciferous brethren, spiced with lots of goofy punctuation. The other attempt at humor, an essay about what happened in Mexico when we met a woman who let her son pee in the pool, lurks at errant parent: The Golden Rule.

And finally, an article at ESL Focus about one cool country to visit/live/work in, Thailand. The appropriately named: Teaching English in Thailand.


Written by Caleb Powell

August 23, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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